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Small or large, businesses can often find themselves overwhelmed and bogged down in overcomplicated and legal heavy paperwork relating to their employees and lawful working practices. This, more often than not detracts from the main focus of the business which is to provide a service or product and to (most importantly) make a profit.


NORI Consultancy’s aim is to reduce the number of hours spent managing employees by providing a strong HR foundation through contracts, handbooks, policies and procedures and to give transparent and lawful advice relevant to your business.

The 2 core services NORI Consultancy provides are:

  1. Retained service where you will have unlimited access to a telephone advice as well as all your contracts, handbooks and policies reviewed and updated on a periodic basis.

  2. Adhoc services where we can advise and support you in dealing with any situation that may arise in your business or project work that you wish to be undertaken.

With NORI Consultancy

you have access to:

  • Experienced HR Consultants

  • Onsite support

  • Employment Tribunal support

  • Bespoke HR documentation

  • Review and audit of current employment documents

  • 24/7 cover, 365 days per year

  • Tender writing support

  • Bespoke advice for your business